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in Technical Analysis Softwares

Spider Software Pvt. Ltd. is the foremost developer of Real-Time and End of Day (EOD) Technical Analysis software, curated exclusively for the stock market traders of India. Constantly upgraded through radical innovation, we offer flawless tools to analyze the stock market and ensure a better understanding of the market’s movements. Backed with experts, we provide a trading platform that is well-equipped with advanced features, and offers precise data predictions.

Since 2000, Spider Software Pvt. Ltd. has been trusted by over 10,000 satisfied customers, for consistently developing unique, exceedingly reliable, and effective technical analysis software. The wide range of software-based products that we offer, for both ‘Real-Time’ and End of Day (EOD) segments deliver the best trading experience for our customers. Our proficiency to solve the markets’ requirements has helped us forge our place in the industry’s forefront. A team of experienced and talented professionals, possessing competent knowledge of stock market trading processes forms our backbone.

The software developed by Spider Software boasts of accurate charting patterns and forecasts that empower our customers to gain an edge over other traders. We have designed unique Internet-based client-server models, for the distribution of share market data. The clients’ end of the software, are decision-making terminals, equipped with facilities for technical analysis, fundamental analysis and numerical analysis, to help traders make the right decisions for their choice of stocks. We provide Financial Stock analysis, along with making the trading process extremely user-friendly for our customers. We also host a learning center, to facilitate a supporting platform, for budding traders and investors. With over 17 years of practical know-how and applied research, Spider Software Pvt. Ltd. is the most trusted provider of technical analysis software for profitable trading in the Indian Market.

Who We Are

Spider Software is the leading brand in the stock market charting and technical analysis, for the self-directed traders in Indian markets.

Our Vision

We enable budding traders, by offering them the necessary knowledge and tools for trading profitably in the Indian Stock Market.

The Mission

To provide top notch stock market charting and technical analysis solutions that help businesses and individuals to manage their portfolio efficiently and generate profits exponentially.

Why Choose Us
We Make Our Clients Happy!

Our array of Technical Analysis software are exclusively designed for Indian traders, providing real-time and EOD technical analysis, as a licensed NSE and BSE vendor. Our software packages are well-recognized amongst the leading day-traders and investors. Renowned analysts and trading experts prefer Spider Software, owing to our constant drive to cater the best trading platform to our users. These exceptional range of trading software come with a reasonable price tag, along with periodic updates, to ensure profitable trading in the Indian stock market.

We also host training sessions and query-solving workshops by expert traders and professionals, to enhance the trading expertise of our customers. Our dedicated knowledge-sharing modules on our website, serve as an extensive library for learning about Technical Analysis and trading. Personalized support teams, and on-site after-sales services from Spider Software ensure timely resolution of customer grievances.

90% Customer Satisfaction

99% Quality Assured

95% User Friendly

Our Top Team

Shekar Arumugam

Shekar Arumugam

Founder/Managing Director

Shekar is the Founder of Spider Software and the Managing Director. A graduate in B.Tech from one of the most prestigious institutions of India, Indian Institute of Technology – Varanasi; Shekar brings in over 30 years of vast experience in Operations & Information Technology.

He has received multiple accolades for his immense contribution in various sectors, and is widely respected for his discipline and punctuality. Spider Software has been able to achieve several praiseworthy milestones under the watchful eye of his mentorship. He is extremely passionate about trekking and has successfully completed several treks across India.

Ravi Lokhande

Ravi Lokhande


Ravi is the Co-Founder and whole time Director of Spider Software. After completing his DETE (Electronics and Telecommunications) from the board of Technical Examination, he went on to complete his PDCA (Computer Applications) from the prestigious Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, Pune. Ravi is known for his innovative approach. He has achieved expertise in the field of System Analysis, Financial Markets and Technical Analysis. With over more than 22 years of industry experience in Management and Information Technology, he forms an indispensable pillar of Spider Software.

He is a motivator and an active participant in many social work and social awareness activities. He is also a sports enthusiast.

Devesh Negandhi

Devesh Negandhi


Devesh is the Co-Founder and whole time Director of Spider Software. Post his graduation in Commerce from the Mumbai University, he received the reputed Honors Diploma in System Management. Devesh has gathered 22 years of expertise in the field of Information Technology, Financial Markets and Technical Analysis, and has become an indispensable mentor for Spider Software.

He is also a devout trekking aficionado and has conquered several challenging peaks in the Himalayas.

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